Tzar Delicates Premium Gold - jar 100 gram

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Tzar Delicates Premium Gold

Tzar Delicates Premium Gold is a new revolutionary product that became a real sensation.

Tzar Delicates Premium Gold is a perfect Beluga imitation with grains that burst in your mouth and give you the complete delight of the original products. It’s hard to believe until you try it! With grains that literally burst in your mouth and give you the complete delight of the original products. 

This new technology is unique and has no analogues in the world. The latest molecular manufacturing methods are used together with the strictest quality and safety standards.

The product is made of natural ingredients such as mackerel, hunchback salmon and vegetable oil and has no preservatives and artificial additives. The taste of the most exclusive of all foods for a reasonable price - this dream comes true with “Tzar Caviar”.

Tzar Delicates Premium Gold has got two gold medals at the International Food Exhibition in Moscow (PRODEXPO) as “The Innovation of the year” and “The Product of the year”.

Blind-test your friends and you will be impressed!

Tzar Delicates Premium Gold is stain/color proof, therefore not bleeding color in your dishes, made of 100% natural, premium-quality, ingrediënts and not containing any preservatives or artificial additives. X.O. Quality guaranteed

Specification Description
Ingrediënten Nutritional value per 100 gr./ Voedingswaarde per 100 gr.
Energy/Energie: 199 kJ/ 48 kcal
Fats/Vetten: 3,5 g of which Saturated Fats/ waarvan verzadigde vetzuren 0,39 g
Carbohydrates/Koolhydraten: 3,5 g of which sugars/waarvan suikers: 1,8 g
Proteins/Eiwitten: 0,5 g
Salt/Zout: 5,5 g
Ingredients: Concentrated FISH (Mackerel) bouillon 80%, thickener: E401, corn starch, salt, vegetable oil (sunflower), Carbon black: E153 (natural color), Citric Acid: E330

Storage temperature: 0°C +8°C
Allergy information: contains fish
Ingrediënten: Geconcentreerde VIS (Makreel) bouillon 80%, verdikkingsmiddel: E401, maïszetmeel, zout, plantaardige olie
zonnebloemolie), kleurstof E153 (natuurlijke kleurstof), voedingszuur: E330

Bewaaradvies: 0°C +8°C
Allergeneninformatie: bevat vis
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