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Welcome to the Caviar shop a short introduction about caviar and Tzar Caviar.

Caviar, the unfertilized eggs of the female sturgeon, is an expensive and famous delicacy. The classic caviar originally came from Iran or Russia. The main types of sturgeon for caviar are the Beluga Sturgeon, the Sevruga, the Oscetra and Kaluga. Especially in Russia was a caviar delicacy for all sections of the population. As a result of overfishing, water pollution and poaching is the sturgeon since the late 1990s very threatened in its survival. The prices reached by the sheer scarcity of caviar exorbitant heights and was for the ' ordinary ' man in Russia also priceless. At that time, people start thinking of making an acceptable alternative. Now many caviar lovers only can dream thanks to innovative developments made possible to enjoy a very special replacement. This approaches the refined taste of sturgeon caviar to perfection. And that at a fraction of the caviar price.

Tzar Caviar Gold Label-experience... taste the experience!

Lamenting about the fact that caviar has become unaffordable, makes little sense. The acceptable alternative is there now. Never before I managed to experience and enjoy sturgeon caviar so subtle and magnificent to match like with Tzar Caviar.    

Tzar Caviar Gold Label, 

Due to the latest molecular methods of preparation the substitute of the most famous Beluga caviar is produced under the most strict standards. Granulated from natural fish filets as among others, Tzar Caviar Gold Label is a high quality product, rich of vitamins and barely any calories. Never before was it made possible to experience and enjoy the taste of sturgeon caviar so subtle and magnificent.

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