El Caprichio - Canned Fish

El Capricho is a family-owned business in Santoña Spain, a small traditional fishing village with a rich history, known as the birthplace of canned anchovies. After 25 years of hard work and dedication, the family is committed to producing a product that guarantees quality and excellence. They produce only the very best anchovies and albacore tuna fished directly from the Cantabrian sea, also known as the Bay of Biscay. The anchovies caught during the spring fishing season and their albacore tuna, caught in the summer season, are highly prized for their fantastic quality. The production process is essentially traditional and relies on the handcrafted experience of skilled workers. This results in the presentation of excellent finished products, anchovies with characteristic flavor, reddish color and very meaty texture, and albacore tuna with tender meat and mild flavor. Captured and produced by artisans passionate about presenting the very best.

New in their assortment is canned Sturgeon meat. This beautiful, decadent sturgeon is created with the utmost care from Acipenser Baerii sturgeon loins and canned with Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Castillo de Canena. Tender and delicate, with an exquisite deep flavor, The Acipenser Baerii sturgeon is bred sustainably in Spain, under the highest standards.

An excellent source of protein, phosphorus and Omega 3 fatty acids this delicacy is appreciated in haute cuisine for its versatility. Simply put, this sturgeon is extraordinary.

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